Etereo - architecture & design & emotion

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We design dream homes with a strong Italian imprint.

Close your eyes. Savor the air that excites you. Think about how to live. What are the best sensations you want to feel at each awakening in the house of your dreams? You are not dreaming. You are getting to know Etereo, which will take you by the hand towards the Italian style, tailored for you.

We are unique.

We provide a multidisciplinary approach that can enrich every part of your project. It starts from a large-scale vision with kilometric dimensions to every millimetric detail.

We combine materials and finishes for unique experiences. We manage the artistic, emotional, architectural, and technological aspects, connecting them without losing sight of the overall vision. All of which is accompanied by an authentic Italian touch.

Architecture & Design & Emotion



We are etereo

With an astute understanding of architecture, a vibrant and artistically abundant Italian heritage, dotted with influences from the Middle East and harmoniously brought together with passion – Etereo is born.